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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nats news: Hanrahan out as closer, bullpen-by-committee for time being, Beimel to close when he comes off D/L.

I take satisfaction, but no joy, in this bit of news from the Nationals: Hanrahan out as Nationals' closer.

Julian Tavarez and Kip Wells will be the late-inning setup men. When Joel Beimel gets off the disabled list, he will be the closer, which greatly pleases me.

I don't dislike Hanrahan, but until he can do the job, I don't want him closing. Perhaps he's not cut out to be a closer? Maybe he'd do better as a setup man? There has to be another suitable role for him.


Forrest said...

The Nationals' bullpen is one of the worst messes I have seen in the last decade. Hanrahan needs some time away from the role, but he is still the most skilled pitcher in that bullpen, which is sad.

If only they never traded Jon Rauch...he would have been an ideal fit closing for them. Ohh well.

Joe Riley said...

I wasn't a fan of Rauch, but I have to give him credit. That last year, especially, he was very good. I'd take him now in a heartbeat.

I once met his dad, and enjoyed meeting him, he is a very nice man. Jon Rauch seemed not to like having anything to do with the fans, and I heard more than a few first-hand reports of him being sullen and nasty with fans. I would have preferred to see a little more humility and gratitude on his part. After all, some professional athletes are only one injury away from their careers being over, and I'd think that their post-professional lives would be better if they had the good will of their communities.

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