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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some quick Thursday Thoughts between the roadtrip and new homestand

I haven't had the time to encapsulate the Giants series from this week, but I hope to do that tomorrow.

The sad news was, of course, the end of Ryan Zimmerman's hitting streak, which stopped at 30 games. Zimmerman was walked twice in the last game, and never got the ball out of the infield. He grounded into a double play but eventually made it to first base on a fielder's choice, I believe, so he didn't get credit for a hit. I cannot be certain about this for several reasons:

1) I tried to watch the game (it was my day off) on MASN, and the signal was horrendous. The picture and sound kept going out. I went to the MASN website and complained, but they replied that Comcast wasn't reporting any problems in my area. I don't think that it was a Comcast problem because all of my other channels were fine.

2) So, I went to and selected the gameday audio. It was nice to listen to Charlie and Dave, but my browser kept crashing and eventually, it informed me that I'd logged in too many times in a short period of time so it was locking me out - D'oh!

3) I haven't had time to read the game reports (...blush...)

Oh, the good news? The Nats won, so they ended the roadtrip on a nice note.

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