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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

MASN aired my question!

After trying for all of last season and five weeks of this one, MASN finally aired one of my questions during last night's Nats/Brewers game.

I like the "Ask MASN" feature during the games, but many nights there are no questions broadcast (at least that's the way it seems to me) and while I've tried to ask intelligent, probing baseball questions in the past, last night I simply decided to take the whimsical and (hopefully) entertaining approach.

My question was this:

"Who would win in a Brewer's Sausages vs. Nationals Presidents race? Would Teddy still come in last?"

Bob Carpenter replied, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, "I have no doubt in my mind that Teddy could beat any one of these weenies out here." to which Don Sutton replied, "Are you serious?" Don then stated that "Teddy couldn't outrun Larry Flynt" (a reference to the wheelchair-bound adult magazine publisher) and then he mentioned how Teddy doesn't get how the race is about finishing first, not going into the stands and glad-handing. The insider-tip on the Brewers sausages is that the one you have to watch in the warm weather months is Chorizo, who tend to heat up along with the temperatures.

While I was extremely gratified to contribute some humor to the evening's entertainment, I was somewhat chagrined that they spelled my last name wrong on air. It's bizarre, because when you go to and click upon "Ask MASN" on the Nationals logo, you have to fill out your name, address and email address along with your question, and I certainly spelled my name correctly. Oh, well. At least Bob Carpenter pronounced my name correctly. If I can, I'll grab a screen-cap and/or .wav file of that to post for the sheer amusement of it all.

The winner of the Sausage race was Hot Dog, who now has 9 wins so far this season.

Sadly enough, that's precisely how many wins the Nationals have as well. *Sigh*.


Chris Needham said...

They can't get Ryan "Brian" Zimmerman's name right, so I wouldn't worry about them screwing up yours. ;)

WFY said...

I forgot that was you who prompted that response. I noticed the spelling was odd too.

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