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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

*BREAKING NEWS!* Langerhans a Nat, Snelling traded!

Holy crap! On MASN just moments ago, Don Sutton announced that Nats outfielder Chris Snelling was traded to the Oakland A's for Ryan Langerhans, who must've just been traded to the A's by the Atlanta Braves.

This is HUGE!

More on this as the story unfolds. Stay tuned!

*EDIT* Okay, here are Langerhans' stats, courtesy of Yes, he had just been traded to the A's on April 29th and had only seen 2 games as an Athletic.

As of this moment, I'm both elated yet sad at the same time. I was REALLY looking forward to watching Chris Snelling develop as a player, he was my favorite "new" Nat. Here are Snelling's stats.

This seems counterintuitive to "The Plan", though - sure, Langerhans is only 27, but Snelling is 25. I'm wondering what the logic is behind this trade. Langerhans has been struggling, but possibly has greater potential? I await analysis by greater baseball minds than my own.

*EDIT 2* OF COURSE! It's because his name is RYAN! It's all a part of Stan Kasten's plan to populate the team with guys named Ryan. Now I'll have to add Langerhans to my "Ryan Report".

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