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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Brewers complete Nats sweep 3-1, OR "Old Milwaukee" tops Bow's Natties

The Washington Nationals are in a terrible, 8-game losing tailspin, the worst streak since their debut here in 2005.

Today's latest loss, a 3-1 afternoon beating by the surging Milwaukee Brewers, was a perfect illustration of what their problems are. Problem #1 is an offense that is, in a word, anemic. Were it not for Felipe Lopez's solo-shot home run, his second of this series, they would have been shutout today.

Jason Bergmann gave the Nats yet another quality start, allowing only 2 hits, 1 run, 2 walks and 2 strikeouts. He went 6 innings and threw 79 pitches (55 strikes), If only he'd had run support.

Who got the hits today? Schneider (2), Lopez, Fick and Guzman.

Ryan Report: Ugly. Church, Zimmerman and Langerhans were a combined 0 for 9, and all three struck out. At least Church got walked once.

The Nats made a couple of mistakes. Guzman had an error, and Jesus Colome threw a wild pitch which brought in a Brewers run while they still had a chance to rally. In three games though, the Brewers made no mistakes, they simply don't beat themselves.

That's really all I have to say about today's game. Different day, same problems. At least the Nats aren't getting blown out, they seem to still be in positions to win, they just aren't getting any breaks.

If you are familiar with those gel wrist bracelets that have become so popular in the past decade or so, then you've seen how they have been used to raise money for good causes (such as the yellow "Livestrong"bracelets of Lance Armstrong which raised money for cancer research) and many are now regarded as "awareness bracelets", a wearable statement that the wearer is charitable and raising social awareness for such issues as AIDS, cancer, etc..
Well, during the last homestand, I got myself a navy-blue Nationals bracelet. I wear it proudly, as I'm trying to raise awareness of the wonderful experience that is Nationals baseball. And it IS a wonderful experience, if you don't gauge that by what the boxscore reads. Hey, I don't go out to R.F.K. expecting a win - I HOPE there's a win, but I don't expect one, I'm just out there to relax and have a good time.

I'm looking forward to what I hope is going to be a wonderful 10-game homestand beginning this Friday. The weather is supposed to be great this weekend. Flowers are in bloom, and the city really is inviting people to enjoy outdoor activities. I should be able to make 9 of these games and I can't wait. We'll finally get to see Ryan Langerhans in a Nats uniform for the first time, and get to welcome home Christian Guzman and Nook Logan.

Buy your tickets now and get out there and cheer for them! Sunday is Mother's Day, so bring Mom out to the park. Good seats still available!

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