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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nationals Power meets the "Capital Punisher"

Last Saturday, I played hookie from work for 90 minutes to race down to Pearson's Liquor, one of my nearby competitors, to say "hello" and get autographs from the great Washington Senator's legend, Frank "Hondo" Howard, a.k.a. the "Capital Punisher".

I'd actually met him once for about 5 minutes in another liquor store way up in northern Maryland about 13 years ago, but this was special, as he was signing specially-dipped bottles of Maker's Mark Bourbon (who he does some work for) as well as just about any kind of Senators memorabilia that his fans were willing to put in front of him.

Screech's Best Friend, William Yurasko and Miss Chatter, all made much nicer posts about this event than I possibly can, but I had to get back to work as quickly as possible and wasn't able to come early. I was exceedingly pleased that I was able to bring this event to the attention of some fans who might have missed out on it otherwise, as I know I would have. In fact, after this event, I mentioned it to some fans who were sorry that they hadn't heard about it (This is what happens when you don't read this blog on a daily basis ;-) )

For my part, I got some Maker's Mark signed for myself and some for some gifts, a signed photo and a baseball. I also got someone to take this photo of the two of us:

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(For the exceedingly daft, or to anyone not paying attention, that's Frank Howard on the right, your's truly on the left, looking as proud as a fan can possibly be.)

I cannot swear that I ever saw Frank Howard play. My father took me to one, and only one, Senator's game, their final season, in 1971. I was just shy of 6 years old. I have no recollection of who the Senators were playing, or any other details, just some very faint memories of sitting up in the upper deck on the 1st base side, in the gold seats, I believe. I'm pretty sure my dad got me some popcorn or peanuts or something to snack on, maybe a hot dog. How I wish I could remember, and how I wish he were still alive for me to ask about that and share the memory. I like to think that I saw Frank Howard that day, though. In any event, I wanted to have this moment with "Hondo", as he is an especially kind and generous man, very giving of his time and ever so appreciative of his many fans. I did mention to him that, at my own store, we sell a boatload of Maker's Mark, and I will happily continue to do so out of respect for a man whose physical size is dwarfed only by his tremendous character.

I would not be exaggerating to say that Maker's Mark Bourbon is as easy to enjoy as an afternoon with a baseball legend. My personal thanks to the folks at Pearson's, the folks at Maker's Mark, and of course to Mr. Frank Oliver Howard, one of the nicest men I've ever met.

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