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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nats homer, homer, homer but fall to Dodgers 5-4 OR Sick Bacsik can't Dodge loss

The Nats hoped to salvage their roadtrip in Chavez Ravine on Monday night, but it was not to be, as they rallied from an early 2-run deficit only to fall to the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-4.

The game was not without it's highlights for Nats fans, as they were treated to homers from Wily Mo Peña, Dmitri Young and Ryan Zimmerman, quite possibly the first time the Nats have ever had three homers in one game only to lose (I await the corrective comments from astute observers who have better memories than I do as to whether or not my statement holds water).

Starter Mike Bacsik struggled early but worked well until the 5th inning, when the wheels fell off of the bus.

For me, watching Wily Mo Peña do his best Kirk Gibson (or, dare I say it, Roy Hobbs?) imitation was the highlight of the evening. Peña, who hurt his foot on a previous pitch, took a 3-2 pitch over the wall to put the Nats on top, at least temporarily. Peña limped to first base and was replaced in the game by Ryan Church. It's a pretty impressive sight to see a player who is obviously hurt, play through pain to sacrifice himself for his team. No, it didn't win the game, but it brought the Nats back from the dead and put them right back into the game. You can't underestimate the morale boost that sort of thing can give.

Ryan Report: Church went 0 for 3, Zimmerman went 1 for 3 with that homer, and Austin Ryan Kearns went 1 for 4.

These West Coast games just wear on me, and I fell asleep sometime around the 7th inning. Not much else of import happened for the visiting team, but hopefully they will make the most of Jason Bergmann's first start after coming off of the D/L.

Box score for those who simply can't resist.

Oh, and I thought for half a second that THIS item was about yours truly - darn it.

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