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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nats shutout by Giants 5-0 OR Redding railroaded

Of all the pitching matchups of the Nats-Giants series I was most looking forward to, it was this one; Tim Redding vs. Matt Cain. Redding entered Wednesday's action with an E.R.A. of something like 2.46, and Cain was 3-12 on the season, a far cry from his performance in 2006 where he was quite dominant, winning 13 games.

That whole scenario came undone as the Nats couldn't get any offense going, getting only 4 hits, making Cain look like a Cy Young contender. Redding did okay, going 7 innings and giving the bullpen a rest, but he did make a couple of costly mistakes, not the least of which was a 1st inning 2-run homer to Barry Bonds. Redding became the latest in a long line (447) of Bond's pitching victims. He even gave up a homer to Cain, his very first one in the majors. Not a happy evening for Nats fans.

Ryan Report: Church managed one of the 4 Nats hits on the night. As Porky Pig would say, "a th-th-th-th, that's all, folks!"

Felipe Lopez got 2 hits, Nook Logan got one. *Sigh*.

A forgettable game on an anti-climactic night by the bay. I just hope that the Nats can put it behind them and regroup for the Thursday afternoon game.

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