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Thursday, March 1, 2007

On "Nationals Power"

I'm philosophical by nature, and words are important to me, so when I decided upon a name for this blog, it was an interesting challenge. Most importantly, I wanted to honor the Nationals, and I also wanted to come up with as unique a name as I could without it sounding dumb. It didn't help me that a lot of really good names were already taken either. I thought about using a name which played off of "Nat-o-sphere" or "Natmosphere", but the former kept looking as though in an address line that it would have something to do with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the latter just sounded a little too all-encompassing and, let's face it, this little blog isn't going to be the definitive, exhaustive blog of record for all things Nationals, so I didn't want it to sound too grand.

I played around with a lot of names, Googling them extensively so that I wouldn't step on anyone else's toes. I thought about just "Joe Nats Fan", but I didn't want to obscure the nice work done by Miss Chatter ("Just a Nats Fan")
. I even toyed with the idea of calling this blog "The Nat-izen", but there again, there's that annoying hyphen which can confuse people trying to type that in as a URL. Without the hyphen, however, it bears just a little too much of a resemblance to a word considered racist for my comfort level, so I thought I'd just leave it alone.

We all want our teams to have "power", right? And power is a very broad term, not too specific, yet what powers the team? The owner's money? The fans? The employees of the team? I'd bet that the team owners want to "empower" their fans to have fun, to enjoy their pastime to its fullest. Okay, okay, I'm overthinking this, but there are a LOT of Nationals blogs out there, and I wanted something that people might be able to remember if they cared to. I think I succeeded. Time will tell.


JammingEcono said...

Hey Joe, welcome to the Natmosphere! Looking forward reading your blog! I've gone ahead and added you to my blogroll.

Joe Riley said...

Many thanks 8) I hope to be worthy of your time. I'll try to make it fun and involving.

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