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Sunday, March 4, 2007

A warm Nationals Power welcome to the world's newest Nats fan

Congratulations to Brian and Jordan Schneider on the birth of their daughter, Tatum Elizabeth. Happy Birthday, Tatum!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jordan Schneider for a few brief moments last summer during the Nationals and Marine Corps Toy Drive, outside R.F.K. She was kind enough to speak to us fans and help some people to donate money if they hadn't brought any toys. I remember saying a few kind words about her husband, and I was grateful to see her and other players wives and girlfriends doing their part to help make the Toy Drive such a success. Since I don't believe any of the players themselves have actually established homes here in the D.C. area yet, I have to assume that these ladies came into town specifically to help out, as well as to see their men in action on the field. That took extra effort, and we should be grateful to all concerned for their generosity of spirit.

I also got to meet Brian Schneider for a few seconds on the final day of last season, when several players came to the gates before the game to hand out t-shirts to fans. There were several team officials trying desperately to keep the fans from soliciting autographs, but I got lucky and Brian saw me waiting patiently (I was smart enough to wait patiently and let the kids get autographs first. I'm sure the players don't appreciate rude, pushy fans who knock over seven year-olds to get to players first), and he kindly took the time to autograph my new t-shirt. I thanked him and passed along my thanks to Jordan for taking the time to chat with us fans during the Toy Drive, and he was pleased to hear this. He seems like a very nice guy indeed.

Brian reports that baby Tatum resembles him. Let's all hope for her sake that she resembles Jordan instead ;-)

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