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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Help me, Mercury Graphics! You're my only hope!"

So here I was, all set to get my tickets by FedEx yesterday, and.....they didn't show.

I went to and plugged in my tracking number and it indicated that they have the WRONG ADDRESS for me! (!!!!!)

I emailed the Nats last night, as the Nats website told me to do, and as of this moment, I've heard....nothing.

I called FedEx, and they are holding my tickets at their local facility, but I can't get over there to get them, so I have to rely upon the shipper, Mercury Graphics, to request the address change (by the way - they have me down as a STREET, not an AVENUE. With the proper zip code, can't the local FedEx facility figure this out themselves?) I Google'd them, found them on the 'Net, called them, and had to leave a message with the woman who deals with this. (I'm betting that she's getting inundated with calls).

Now I'm holding my breath.

I post this info on Mercury Graphics in case anyone else can use it. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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*UPDATE Mercury Graphics comes through! I just got a nice call back from the poor lady who is getting inundated with calls about their tickets, and FedEx should deliver my tickets to me tomorrow. Whoo, hoo! Thanks, Mercury Graphics!

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