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Monday, March 5, 2007


Attention all fans who drive to R.F.K. stadium: the single game parking fee is going up again this year.

The current information on the Nats website is incorrect (or, to be fair, it is correct for the 2006 season) It still reads that the parking fee is $12.00 per game. I've brought this information to the club's attention, and they should be correcting that at any time now.

It will now be $15.00/game to park at R.F.K. for standard passenger vehicles.

The GOOD news is, season ticket holders may buy parking passes for $984, which breaks down to $12.15/game, and they are pro-rated, so if you decide in April to buy one, it is simply reduced by the number of games already played. The pass allows you to park in any lot except #4 and #5.

(My goodness, this could very well be the first "scoop" for my little blog. I'm so proud)
*EDIT - Per a well-informed comment, this would appear to be old news. Gotta love the sharp eyes and strong memories of the blog readers, though. Thanks for keeping me honest!

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Anonymous said...

Nats320 posted on this topic about 2 months ago.

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