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Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday fun - March 9th

At last, Friday is here. For most of you, it's the end of the work week. Alas, I work every Saturday, but such is the lot of the retail service industry. Still, I enjoy the vibe of a Friday as much as any clockwatcher praying for beer-o'clock.

How about a little word association exercise, today? The arrival of meteorological spring is still 11 days away, but we can still play this game:

Finish this sentence: "If it's spring,....."

I'm looking for such replies as, "..then (fill in player's name) is injured again." Or, "..then the Nats must be in last place already."

Points awarded for originality, and no copying off of your neighbor, please.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Don't forget that our friends in Congress did us all a swell favor by moving up Daylight Savings Time by a few weeks (as an energy-saving move), so it will kick in this Sunday, March 11th. Move your clocks FORWARD one hour.

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