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Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Tranquility Base here - my tickets have landed!"

Just moments ago, the nice FedEx lady arrived with my tickets.

I am one smilin' Nats fan 8)

They are gorgeous (I believe that Nats320 already posted pretty photos of the tickets) and the Opening Day one is a monster. I like how there's a lot of info contained within the ticket packets, including a chart so you can write-in names of people you allocate them to. Very cool.

Nice job on the tickets, Stan. Wish we had the pin to go with them, though, they would be nice to collect. Maybe marketing could poll the season-ticket-holders before next season? Heck, add $5 to my "handling charge" to cover the cost of a pin, I won't complain.

Three more days. It's agonizing. I can't even get off of work this Saturday for the last pre-season game at R.F.K. vs. the O's, which would be nice (and the weather looks good for it, too.)

A happy Thursday to all.

1 comment:

DCSportsChick said...

I love that pic of Neil. Just sayin'.

Can't wait for Monday!!!

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