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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Autograph sessions every single night?

Since I had to work yesterday during the Nats/O's spring training game, I recorded it to watch last night or today. Since I went out last night, I started to watch it when I came home, but I'm watching the rest of it right now.

Did anyone else catch the interview that Debbi Taylor did with team president Stan Kasten? I was VERY excited to hear Kasten announce that, "..we're going to have autograph sessions every single night this year.." This is GREAT news! I've always wondered how on earth I could get a player autograph on a baseball, and an R.F.K. usher friend of mine told me last season that the best strategy was to show up early, and to go wait along the baseline rails and hope for the best. Since I am neither A) a little kid, or B) an attractive female, I figured that my chances of snagging an autograph under such conditions was virtually impossible.

I've always thought that it would be really cool to have a baseball with the autographs of every starting position player and pitcher for a single season. I would have loved to have gotten Alphonso Soriano's autograph last year, as well as Frank Robinson's, and any number of departed players who made the games I saw so much fun. Maybe this is my year, eh?

On another important note, Kasten announced that "Teddy Roosevelt" was in spring training camp this year (he threw out the first pitch yesterday) and he had high hopes that Teddy would have a better year this year. Unfortunately, Kasten added that, if Teddy ran a foot race against Nick Johnson right now, that Teddy would win. I don't think that any of us wanted to hear that. Nick won't be at 1B on Opening Day, but we can certainly hope that he's back by Memorial Day at least, if not sooner.

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