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Monday, April 16, 2007

Chico is "The Man" OR Braves hopes for extending road wins "Gone with the Wind"

Well, looks like an extra day off didn't do Matt Chico or the Nats any harm, did it?

Chico and the bullpen torched the Braves 5-1 to get their second home win, but now they have won three of their last 4. They're on a streak, I tells ya.

"Da Meat Hook" wore Jackie Robinson's #42 and had a good night with his bat, too, going 3 for 4.

This team really seems to be playing with a new level of confidence, and the parts seem to be falling into place.

Nice to see Matt Chico get his first Major League win and nice to finally see Saul Rivera this season, too. Jon Rauch wasted no time in his outing and "The Chief" seems to have returned to form, needing only 16 pitches to close out the game.

Ryan Report: Zimmerman's bat finally woke up a little, going 2 for 4, and Church continues to show excellent patience at the plate, getting to base on a walk. His hitting streak ends at 11 games, though.

The Braves were the only team which was undefeated on the road going into tonight's game.


Jay said...

Hope the victory made you feel a little better.

Joe Riley said...

Ha! Yeah, it didn't hurt :-)

I felt better when, in his post-game press conference, Manny Acta praised the fans who attended, saying that he himself lives the MLB motto ("I live for this!") but as a fan, even HE would have had second thoughts about coming out to the ballpark tonight.

Good for everyone who came out!

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