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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Unlikely trade rumor

MLBtraderumors reports that the Phillies are having bullpen problems which need fixing immediately. One of the scenarios that alarms me the most was reported as:

Chad Cordero, while not a dominant closer, is certainly better than anyone the Phillies have. Top prospect Carlos Carrasco would get Jim Bowden's ear, and Michael Bourn would fit nicely at the top of Washington's lineup. Those are the two I think Bowden would want for Cordero. Jon Rauch or Luis Ayala would be nice additions as well."

While I don't personally believe that Chad Cordero is going anywhere (and no, I don't have any inside information, this is my uninformed gut feeling) these sorts of discussions always unnerve me a little bit. I love Chad as a player and a person, I don't want to see him go anywhere, and Jon Rauch is already improving over his good 2006 season, I feel really good when he takes the mound, and I'm dying to see Luis Ayala back in action and returning to his 2005 form. I just don't think that it is going to happen because Jim Bowden isn't going to give up anyone unless the Nats get great value in return. I've already heard some rumors about Chad on the 'Net, and I just believe that Jim Bowden would want the Moon in return and no one is prepared to give him that at this particular moment. If a team in playoff contention in August or September suddenly lost their closer, and were willing to mortgage their farm system, then I wouldn't consider such a scenario to be far-fetched. I just hope that it doesn't happen!

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