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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Keeping score

For those of you who are still looking to buy an official Nationals edition of the Bob Carpenter Scorebook, they are supposed to be available in the R.F.K. Team Store in time for tomorrow's homestand.

If you require a less-official and elegant, yet still-functional (and free!) scoring mechanism, give this one a try, courtesy of the good folks at

See you around the ballpark!


SacredCod said...


Haven't made it out this homestand yet, though I hope to go tomorrow. Did you get a visual confirmation on the scorebooks in the Nats store? thanks


Joe Riley said...

No, sorry, I didn't attend either the Monday or Tuesday games because of my fever (which seems to have broken, thank goodness)

However, Bob Carpenter DID say on the broadcast last night that the scorebooks were back in stock at the Team Store as well as at some of the kiosks around the stadium.

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