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Monday, April 23, 2007

Thoughts and observations on an off-day

According to this interesting article, the new Nationals ballpark will be LEED certified. From the article, "The new Nationals stadium takes going green to another level. The D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission plans to make the ballpark the first major pro sports venue in the country to earn LEED certification — which means it has to accumulate at least 26 points on the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design scorecard compiled by the U.S. Green Building Council". Pretty cool, eh?

It would appear that Florida's Wes Obermueller loves pitching against the Nationals, since they are the only team he's beaten at the major league level. Bob Carpenter mentioned this during yesterday's broadcast, and today's Post confirms it: "
Did recently recalled Florida starter Wes Obermueller look familiar? He's the same Wes Obermueller who two-hit the Nationals over eight innings on May 17, 2005, for Milwaukee -- Obermueller's last previous major league win."

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