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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Updates and miscellaneous thoughts

So I've been trying my best to blog my way back to health and in the process I've added many new links to my Links & Resources section. Have I missed a good Nats site, or good general baseball site? Please let me know, and I'll try to add it.

I realize that the L&R list might be a bit unwieldy, so I'm giving some serious thought to breaking it down into strictly Nats sites, sites which include Nats info, and general baseball sites.

By the way, did anyone else happen to catch John Smoltz's meltdown in the Braves dugout last night? It was right after he was taken out (if I remember correctly, I was still feverish after all) and all of a sudden, Smoltz was throwing stuff off of a table. The cameras only caught it for a moment, as they were already cutting to a commercial, but I think that Bob Carpenter mentioned it on air. There was something perversely pleasurable in watching that.

The newest description (insult?) for Phillies fans? Call them "New York wanna-bees". MASN's Bob Carpenter said that he heard that phrase more than a couple of times today. Perfect!

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