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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You can rest easy, the good news is..... wasn't Screech.

Bald Eagle Struck By Vehicle In Stafford

Bird Expected To Survive

A bald eagle is expected to recover after being struck by a car in Stafford County on Wednesday, police said.The eagle was apparently swooping down to grab some roadkill when it was hit on U.S. Highway 17 near Hartwood.The bird was taken to an animal hospital in Hartwood with a broken left wing, officials said.

(Notice I managed to get another post with the word "roadkill" in it this week? I'm not proud.)

I'm very glad that the poor bird is expected to survive, lest the wags start laying odds on which would be buried first, the eagle or the Nats. And some of you probably thought that even Screech couldn't take it anymore and was trying to take the easy way out. For shame, oh ye of little faith. Screech is the the most die-hard of Nats believers, a fine-feathered fan. It will take more than a little losing streak to shake Screech's confidence. He'll be waiting for us on Monday, in high spirits, ready to rally the Nats faithful against the visiting Braves, assuming that we make it that long.

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