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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A public service scorecard

As you may have noticed, I promote Bob Carpenter's scorebook on the side of this blog. I happen to like it a lot, and Bob Carpenter is truly as nice a guy as he appears to be on T.V. so I'm very happy to help him get some sales. No, I receive no payment or any other kind of compensation or commission, I simply bought one for myself last year and enjoy it a great deal and I want to make other fans aware of it. In my modest opinion, if you're going to buy a scorebook, you can't do any better, and better baseball people than I have said so on Bob's website.

Last year, the Team Store at R.F.K. stocked an official Nationals-edition of the Bob Carpenter scorebook, and I've told fans to buy one of those rather than one off of Bob's website, since I thought that it was cooler to have an official Nationals-edition one than just the basic one that is offered online.

A loyal Nationals Power reader pointed out to me that the Nationals Team Store doesn't have any Nats-edition Bob Carpenter scorebooks in stock and they couldn't say when/if they'd have more. So he contacted me, and I contacted Bob (who even mentioned during the second inning tonight that he'd received numerous emails informing him that they were not in stock at the moment) Well, Bob emailed me tonight that the scorebooks will be back in stock for the next homestand (April 16th) Keep your eyes open for them!
As an added incentive to buy one of Bob's, I can almost guarantee you that Bob will autograph yours for you if you ask him to politely.

In the meantime, if you don't want to spend $5.00 for a program just to get a scorecard, feel free to download this one here: (Adobe or other .pdf reader required)

This one is very basic, but seems to be functional. At least it's free.

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