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Friday, April 6, 2007

What's the sound of gloved-hands clapping, OR Nats comeback hopes hit an "ice" Berg(man)

What a chilly, chilly night for baseball. 42 degrees at game time and, once again, our boys in red and white had to try and dig out of an early hole. Kudos to the bullpen, which has gone at least 11 innings without giving up a run and kept the team competitive. Jon Rausch has been particularly impressive, and Micah Bowie acquitted himself nicely last night, too. I hope that those new MLB caps are particularly well-suited to be reversible into rally-caps, 'cause our hats are gonna get a workout this season, if this week is any indication.

It tested the faithful to attend such a cold game, but the attendance was reported to be in excess of 19,000. I got to the stadium in the bottom of the ridiculously-long 1st, after Bergman had already thrown 50 (!!!) pitches. I check in with Ellie upstairs, got my brisket of beef and went on a hot-chocolate search. Finally found some on the opposite end of the Team Store, $2.00/cup. I got two cups for Rico (who was freezing at his kiosk) and a cup for myself and my buddy Myron. It hit the spot.

Saw Screech's Best Friend and the African Queen and the Noise-Boys and Mick over in 320. As always, they were having a wonderful time.

Never have I been so happy to visit the restroom at R.F.K. - they were SO warm!

The poor beer vendors were doing their best to hawk their wares, but with fewer takers.

Not a lot else to report, really. My stadium blankets came in very handy, I was glad to have them. I'll make even better use of them tonight and tomorrow, that's for sure!

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